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In recent years there have been many books and stories circulated about how God loves to encounter Muslims through dreams or visions of a man in white. It’s true. In my own experience I’ve heard people who have never held a Bible perfectly describe the picture of Jesus as laid out in Revelation 1. It’s beautiful. What you don’t hear very often are stories of physical healing coming out of the Middle East. For whatever reason that may be, I’d like to share one of those testimonies.

One friend of ours, a young man, had a bad skin condition. He had open sores on his face and chest that caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. he had tried many creams, medications, and home remedies to try to clear up his skin, but at best they had only brought temporary relief. Being from a Muslim family, he had called on the name of Allah to miraculously heal him. Nothing happened.

One night, fed up with the affliction and pain, he found himself thinking about people he knew who were believers in Jesus Christ. Alone in his bedroom he prayed, “Jesus if you’re real, would you heal me?” Then he slept. When he got up in the morning, he was completely healed! Not a single sore. No itching. Not even scars! he was absolutely beside himself as he shared with us what had happened. This healing set him on a journey of faith and he began to be discipled. It also served as a testimony of the power of Christ to those around him.

God is still moving in healings in the Middle East!

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